Consultancy involves the provision of information, advice or support to an organization with a need. AIIT partners with its clients providing them with a full range of reliable Information Technology services. Alliances with internationally recognized and accepted providers strengthen our capabilities to provide higher than industry standard solutions to our clients. The partnership also helps our team to gain expertise and in-depth understanding of the best practices in the industry, that are transformed into providing the cutting edge solutions to our clients.

AIIT consulting provides a broad range of integrated end-to-end solutions, which comprise elements of strategy, operations, package implementation, systems integration and outsourcing. We offer a range of industry: specific services, comprising of systems integration, e-Commerce, data warehousing, ERP solutions, SCM/CRM solutions, enterprise networks, and systems architecture, designed to provide innovative, reliable and scalable solutions.

AIIT employs only those professionals who possess qualities and talents complementing or enhancing the team. This employment policy ensures quality service results. The team hence brings commitment, knowledge, skill, experience, integrity and vision to every project.

AIIT is also into Sub-Contracting and Partnering. We have been the pioneers in many ways with our creativity in establishing healthy Sub-Contracting relationships.





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